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Spark Data Cache Server

The Spark Data Cache Server is an application that works as a data cache between Spark Clients and the DB. In order to use the cache server, there are a couple of preferences that need to be configured (otherwise, Spark will work without the cache).

1. Data Server Address setup:

The Data Server Address schema is tcp://xxxxxxxxxxxx:12666/Athena.Aura.Data.Server.ServerProxy

Replace the xxxxxxxxxxxx part of the Data Server Address with the DNS given by Athena Support.

2. Use Data Server:

  • True = enable cache usage.
  • False = disable cache usage .

3. Force cache refresh on manual refreshes:

  • True (default) = every manual refresh renew the data in the cache server and force Spark to wait for it.
  • False: manual refreshes get cache data as automatic data refreshes

You will see an indicator at the bottom of the screen indicating that you are connected to Data Server:

Additionally, this Spark release has a new flag in all grids to display information about the grid content. If the cache is enabled, it also gives information about the timestamp of the data.

When you place the mouse over the icon the label will give you some basic information about the grid and also when the data was refreshed and if it used a cache. In that case, you will see the time stamp of the cache data (time when the cache read the data from the DB).

Updated on April 17, 2023

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