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Sorting a view

Let’s say you have a report open that includes the Symbol column, for example. You want to review orders with the same symbol, AAPL US, but they are separated. The first cell is AAPL US, but the one below is IBM US, UBER US, AAPL US again…

This has an easy solution, Spark allows you to click on the header of any column, and it will automatically sort that column alphabetically. The rest of the columns will be adjusted to the order of the one you have modified.

The first time you click, the alphabetical order is followed from top to bottom, in this case starting with those symbols that begin with numbers, and from there going from A to Z. The Header will then display a triangle like the following:

If you click on the header again, the order will be reversed, starting from Z to A, and then the numbers. In this case, the triangle will look like this:

If the column you have chosen contains dates, instead of alphabetically, Spark will show you from the most recent date to the oldest, or the other way around.

Updated on April 17, 2023

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