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Organize open reports

It is composed by two icons with different functions. Interaction by arranging views. In order, to interact and organize view, this option permits you to arrange them as you want. To get to this option:

  • Open Windows tab.
  • Go to Organize.


Here it is explained the way to set tabbed mode, and what it means.

1. Click on Tabbed icon.

2. Now it is highlighted, so it indicates we are in tabbed mode.

3. The reports are sorted by tabs at the bottom, so as to facilitate its accessibility. In this state you can find the tab for each report and into this the tab for each configuration, within the selected report. For example, the report selected in the image below is Executions-Blotter, and the configuration seen is Executions.

4. Click again on Tabbed icon.

5. Now it not highlighted. It indicates you are not in tabbed mode.

6. Only configuration report shows tabs. The reports are displayed in windows mobile.


If tabbed is not active, you can select different ways to display the reports from the dropdown menu available on Arrange (Cascade, Tile Horizontally…).

1. Click on arrange icon, a list will be displayed:

Updated on April 17, 2023

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