Maintenance basic actions

Every user can access the maintenance add-in. However, to fully use it, you will need to have your account set up as an admin. If you are not set up as an admin, you will need to contact the head of your team.

To use Maintenance:

1. Click on OMS tab and Open Maintenance.

2. If everything is correct, the next window will appear:

3. Looking at this window, we see two fields.

  • Entities, above.
  • Codes, below, and different for each entity.

4. Click on any of the entities. For example, Security: Setup/Edit Securities, which is the entity opened by default.

5. The result provides you a list of your current securities.

6. Entities Details (right window in the picture above): Here, you can change the values as you wish. You can also delete it, copy it, and create a new one.

Make sure you press Save after any change you may apply.

Updated on May 8, 2023

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