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I cannot see an account in Position/Transaction history report

Summary: Position history and Transaction history are both historical reports based on dates. Please make sure that the dates are well selected and in the correct order, and/or that there are no filters applied on the report columns.

Solution: All the reports that have the symbol above are driven by dates. When missing an account1 on these reports, the problem is most likely to be there, so the first thing to do is to check if the used dates make sense.

  • Either on Position, Transaction or Reconciliation2 area, introduce the Start-Date and the End-Date of your preference.
  • Check the day, month and year are correct.

Once the dates have been added, click on “Apply” and wait a few seconds while Spark loads the information. You should now be able to see the account you were looking for in the history.

Simultaneously, it could also be due to a filter applied to your view that is not showing the entire record. Check this article to see if there’s any active filter and how to clear it.

1. A brokerage account keeps the client’s assets with a registered brokerage firm. Here, an investor deposits money or other assets and the broker carries out trades on the investor’s behalf.

2. Daily reconciliation is the cross-check between the SaaS provider reports and the third parties’ -Prime Broker, Administrators, and Custodians-, looking for discrepancies. Whenever these discrepancies exist, it is important to check which side is wrong to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Reconciliation reports measure the stock quantity, stock prices, and Market Value. And, in the case of Spark, our report numbers must be the same as the third party’s ones. This will mean that everything is under control. The reconciliation report, therefore, is simply a double check between both sides. One maintains the validity of the other and vice versa.

Updated on May 8, 2023

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