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How to stop Security Prices from updating automatically

1. Open OMS tab and click on Open Maintenance.

By default, Open Maintenance will directly open the entity we need: Security: Setup/Edit Securities.

2. In the list at the bottom left (1), find and select the Security you wish to exclude from updating price automatically to display the security details. The section on the right (2) will include the details of the security.

Update the BBTicker field by adding “_NOPRICE” at the end and inserting the price you wish to see on Price:

3. Once you update both fields, scroll to the Security: Add/Edit Security Price History entity. Search again for the security you used in step 2, select it and manually add the appropriate RecordDate and the same Price you added in the previous step .

The RecordDate field includes in the orange row a dropdown menu where you can easily select a date. For the Price, you will need to type it.

4. Save your changes.

Updated on May 8, 2023

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