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How to insert a Manual Forward Trade

Open the OMS tab and click on ‘New’ to open a New Order ticket.

Add a proper symbol/identifier, such as USD/JPY, and make sure ‘FORWARD’ appears on the description as shown in the screenshot below.

Once the symbol is added, the Deal Rate and Ref. FX will be automatically updated in the left section of our New Order window. In this case, with a value around 134.

The Deal Rate must be a multiplicative of the first currency to the second currency. For example:

  • EUR/NOK Forward ≈ 11
  • NOK/EUR Forward ≈ 0.08
  • USD/JPY Forward ≈ 134
  • JPY/USD Forward ≈ 0.007

*RefFX (Reference FXrate) is the quoted rate between Price Currency and Account Currency. In a Forward Trade, the price is always the second currency. For instance:

  • USD/JPY forward: Price Currency will be JPY. This way, if the Account is in USD, the Reference FXrate will be around 134 (Quoted Rate between JPY and USD).

Once you enter the deal rate, click on Create and your manual forward trade will be inserted.

Updated on December 20, 2023

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