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How to filter Reports by Account


In Spark, we have two types of report:

  • Standard Report
  • Selected Accounts Report

You can filter Selected Account Reports to display only those accounts you want. To do so, open the report you would like to filter and click on ‘Add/Edit Views’.

Only if the report you chose is a Selected Accounts Report, you will see the tab ‘Fund Selection’ in the displayed dialog. Open it (if you do not see it, below on this post you have an alternative to filtering Standard Reports by account):

From the left column, ‘Available Funds’ (which are the available accounts), select those you want to see in your report and click on ‘Add’. To select more than one, click on one report and Ctrl+Click on the rest.

NOTE: you can always inverse the process by selecting an account from the Selected Funds column and clicking on ‘Remove’.

Once you click ‘OK’, you will only see in your report the information regarding the accounts you have selected.


The previous method only works with Selected Accounts Report. What if you only want to see the information regarding specific accounts in a Standard Report?

1. Open the report you want to filter. Make sure ‘Filter Row’ is active:

2. Go to the ‘Account’ column in your report, click on this symbol and filter the accounts by checking those you want to see. Then click ‘OK’.

Once you click ‘OK’, you will only see the data regarding the accounts you chose in the previous step. To undo this, you can click again the filtering symbol and either select ‘(All)’ or select the ones you wish.

Updated on May 8, 2023

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