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How to add a security | Clients with NO Datalicense

Maintenance is the FIRST option we suggest for all clients with NO Bloomberg Data license. This will be a manual process that every user should be able to do in order to insert securities in the database.

So please try to OPEN MAINTENANCE (from Main menu Tab OMS) and check if security is present or ADD-EDIT it filling all needed data accordingly.
We suggest selecting one existing Security and PRESS COPY instead of creating one new by scratch.

Spark can allow to automatic insertion of securities without Bloomberg Datalicense through ACDS (Athena Central Data Server) database.
This is an Athena internal Source that allows inserting in an automatic way “only some” security types as:

  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • American Options
  • Some Futures

For a better and complete “automatic insert” action user needs to double-check data in Maintenance after this automatic step.

To set up your security:

  1. Go to OMS tab. The following section is aimed to set up Securities:

Please check DROP DOWN examples always there to help user to add the correct security.


2. Type in the bar the Security you want to add. If, for instance, we want to insert an Equity, we type the symbol of the security and click on ‘Security SetUp‘.

3. Once you hit Security SetUp, a new window will appear, showing you all the securities that matches with what you typed. Mark the checkbox of the one you are looking for and click on Load. Then, close the window. As we chose AAPL as example, we only see Equity on the available Security types of the list:


4. If, on the other hand, we want to add an Option, we need to type the following:

Security Code‘:OP:INC ‘Increment on price‘:PRICE 99:EXP 20181228, where:

  • Security Code, the code of your security. Eg. AAPL US.
  • Price, the price of your option. This field must be always ’99’.
  • INC, the increment on price. If you add an Increment of ’10’, the window will display the option for the following prices: 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 99, 109, 119, 129, 139, 149.
  • EXP, the expiration date of your security. This field must be always ‘20181228’.

Additionally, we can add one of these as an extra field:

  • TYPE C, which will make Spark display the options that are included in the Security Subtype ‘CALL-OPTION’.
  • TYPE P: which will make Spark display the options that are included in the Security Subtype ‘PUT-AMER’.

If we type AAPL US:OP:INC 10: PRICE 99:EXP 20181228:TYPE C, and click on ‘Security Setup, this is the list we will get:


5. To insert a future, we need to type the following: ‘Security Code’:FU.

For this example, we will use ‘WHEAT’, the code for which is ‘W’.

We type W:FU and hit ‘Setup Security’. This list will appear:


6. When we want to add a commodity, we need to type the symbol of the commodity. If, for instance, we add ‘S U3 Comdty‘ and click on Setup Security, the following list will appear:

As with the others, mark the checkbox and click on Load to add it. Then close the window.

Updated on June 26, 2023

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