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Grouping and subtotaling in a view

To Group by any column:

1. Click on GroupBy.

2. Grab the header of the column you want to group by and drop it in the space between the toolbar and the report.

3. You can keep adding headers, and they will act as subgroups. To open or close the subgroups, you can either click on the icon next to the titles (4) or use the expand and collapse tools (5).

4. To stop grouping, click and drag each of the headers (1, 2, and 3) up untill you see an ‘X’ on your mouse and release them. The subgroups will be removed. Once there are none, you can deactivate the GroupBy button.

Done? Check now how to interact with an aggregated view: Interaction, Aggregation/Data Pivot.

Updated on April 17, 2023

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