Filtering in Maintenance

All Maintenance entities include the following bar to filter by code.

Depending on which entity, the code can be:

  • A simple name (e.g. “AAPL” on Security: Setup/Edit Security Type Groups entity).
  • A code composed of more than one field (e.g. “(Argentina-BA)/ARGENTINA 2020 HOLIDAY/1/1/2020” on Calendar: Add/Edit Holiday Dates to Calendars entity).

In this last example, we have an A/B/C structure, where:

  • A=(Argentina-BA)
  • C=1/1/2020

If, for instance, you wanted to filter by date in the screen above, you would have to write in the Filter by Code tab ‘* /* /DATE‘, where the first two ‘*’ represent ‘A’ and ‘B’, which you can leave blank if you don’t want to filter by those.

If we type * /* /1.1.2020don’t forget the space between ‘*’ and ‘/’ -, we are filtering only by date, and these are the results we get:

Updated on May 17, 2023

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