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Filtering a view

1. Click on “Filter Row”.

2. A white row will appear, if you place your mouse on the arrow inside the cell, a drop-down menu will appear. In this example, we filter the Price (Local) column.

3. We filter Broker by INTERNAL. You can either filter by typing a letter/word on the blank row, or just as it appears here by clicking the triangle with a drop menu. This is the result filtered for my report.

4. You also have different filtering options rather than typing. If you click the white arrow, and place your mouse on ‘Text Filters’, you will see a menu with more filters.

At the same time, you can go to the last option, Custom Filter, where you can create a more specific filter for your purposes:

5. If you have the Info tool active (1), you can place your mouse on the grid info icon (2) and you will see more details about the filter you are applying (3).

At the same time, when you are applying a filter, you will see this symbol (1). If you place your mouse on it, it will give you information about the filtering usage (2) too.

6. The Filter can be cleared just by clicking on “clear filter”.

7. You can clean all the filters applied to the view in two different ways:

  • If the reports is aggregated by another column. Click on the left “clear filter” icon.
  • If the report is not aggregated. Click on the right mouse button on the report, and then select “Clear All Filters”.

Updated on April 17, 2023

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