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Creating an alert in a column

1. Click on Main.

2. You need to activate Alerts icon, by clicking on it.

3. Click with your mouse on one of the cells and an arrow will appear.

4. Click on the arrow and a window will appear. Enable the alert.

5. Establish to what is the alert going to be applied to. Establish the Type of the alert.

Simple Alert: a simple formula (e.g. “if column is greater than X…”

Interval Alert: an alert based on the increase or decrease of the value. By clicking on the yellow ‘%’ symbol, you can change to bps or to an exact number.

Column comparison: based on other columns (e.g. greater than or less than X column). By clicking on the ‘%’ symbol, you can change to bps or to an exact number as well.

6. Enter the expression of the alert. Based on the example below, if the column is less than 0, Spark will send me a critical alert with the error icon.

7. When an alarm is triggered, a banner in the lower right corner appears.

To see your configurated alerts, open Configuration tab and click on Alerts. Here, you can display different types of alerts (1), delete them (2), see alert details (3), or interact with the alerts from the tool bar (4).

8. If you have many alerts, but one day you just don’t want Spark to process them without having to remove them, open Main tab and deselect the option Alert Processing within ‘General Actions’ section. In this way, alerts continue, but are not processed.

Updated on April 17, 2023

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