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Creating/adding report chart views

1. Select an existing report or create a new one.

2. Click on ‘Report’Add/Edit Views’.

3. In the new window, click on ‘Report Views’. Type the name of an existing report in which you would like to create a Chart View.

4. Click ‘Add Chart’.

5. The name of the chart you have just added should appear at the bottom of the list, with a small chart next to it.

6. Go to Chart Selection.

7. Select the chart you have just created, we have called it ExcelTestChartView.

8. Go to Label.

9. Click on Select.

10. Select a column from the available columns.

11. Click ok.

12. The selected column will appear under labels.

13. Repeat steps 9 to 11 but selecting series instead of labels.

Updated on May 8, 2023

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