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Creating/adding calculated columns

1. Open ‘Main’ tab.

2. Open the report you desire entering an existing column or a new one.

3. Click on edit data report, a window will appear.

4. Click on Add/Edit Columns.

5. Click on Add/Edit Columns again.

6. Type a column name or select one that already exists, for example Test Column.

7. Click Add Column.

8. Write a comment, specifying what are the values that are going to appear in the column.

9. The type of the column is always calculated. If the column does not have a formula, just leave it blank.

10. Write ‘[[‘ inside the formula box to search the columns available to use in the formula.

11. Write ‘fn’ inside the formula box to search the functions you can use for formulas.

12. View of the report before, inserting a formula in NewColumn Column.

13. The next example shows how to play with [[ and fn.

14. View of the report after, inserting a formula in Test Column.

15. Select the format you desire your column to have.

16. Select the category you desire your column to be in.

Updated on April 18, 2023

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