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Creating a Report Shell from a new Excel data source

1. Create an excel file in excel, called for example Test.

2. Save the file under User -> User Name -> My Documents.

3. Open Spark.

4. Open Configuration tab.

5. Click on data Sources.

6. Click on Add Data Source.

7. Choose the Name of the data source.

8. Choose the data provider, in this case it would be Excel.

9. Click OK.

10. Find the Data Source.

11. Click on the row that says Source.

12. Find the folder where you save your file: user-> user name-> My Documents.

13. Click OK.


15. You have now created a data source.

16. Click on Views.

17. Click on New Report Set.

18. Select Standard Report.

19. Click on Create from blank report.

20. Click next.

21. Go to Report Set Info on the appearing window.

22. Type a Name, Title and Menu Caption for your report.

23. Go to Tables.

24. Select a Data source, in our case, the name of our data source is ExcelTest, we will select this one.

25. Type a name for your report.

26. Click add.

27. Go to row named File Name.

28. Type the file you have created in excel so that it can search the file.

29. Double click on the file when found.

30. Click ‘Execute’.

31. The window will now show the categories on your Excel File.

32. Right click on Category.

33. Select add to key. If you forget to this operation, software will remind you that you need a key.

34. After you add the column to primary key.

35. Click ok.

36. Spark will ask you to save the file.

37. Every file says ATHENA_RS_NAME_OF_FILE.

38. Save the file.

39. Go to views.

40. Click on the report that you have just created. DO NOT CLICK ON NEW REPORT SET.

41. Before looking at your new report, you must complete steps 46 to 55.

42. Click on Add/Edit Report Sets.

43. Click on New Report Set.

44. Click on Edit.

45. Type a report name.

46. Click on Edit.

47. Type a report name under New View.

48. Click on Add Grid.

49. The new grid you have just added will show up under existing Views.

50. Now click on Add/Edit Report data.

51. Click on Add/Edit Columns.

52. Click on Extract Columns.

53. The Excel File we have extracted only had Category and Value columns, these will appear.

54. Double click on the column names.

55. The columns you selected, on step 54 will appear here.

56. Click OK.

57. Now, you can go to views, find the new report you just created and view it just like any other report.

Updated on May 8, 2023

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