Configuring report chart views

1. After creating a report chart view, your chart will appear at the bottom or in the right side of the view.

2. Click on Graph Settings to configure the chart.

3. These tools can be used to customize your chart.

4. Clicking on Graph Type, you have the ability to choose 2D or 3D graphs and other types of graphs.

5. These are all the available options to customize your graph.

6. You can swap rows and columns.

7. Pivot Data.

8. You can rotate it using X,Y,Z dimensions.

9. You can also change the dimensions of your graph, using Scale, Perspective, in 3D dimension graphs.

10. Opacity of the graph can also be modified.

11. You can choose the legends you like.

12. You can see the data values you want.

Updated on May 8, 2023

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