Allocations in detail

To allocate a trade, you will need to go to Order Entry and click on Fund Groups (1). A list of all the Fund Groups will appear. All you have to do is click on the specific fund. Once you select the Fund Group, you can minimize the Fund Groups list by clicking again on FundGroups.

The allocations will be populated automatically among the belonging accounts according to the ratios defined in the Account: Define Account Groups entity in Maintenance.

Once you selected your fund(s), you can divide the Target quantity among the accounts present on the fund(s) you took. To do so, simply type the different quantities in the Target cells, and make sure that the total sum of it, which you can see in the second raw of the allocations grid, is equal to the Target quantity you have selected within the Order section on the left of the New Order window.

If you see many accounts with a 0 target, you can mark the “Hide 0 Qty” checkbox and they will disappear.

The Strategies chosen, in this case, are affecting the accounts LP, QP, LTD, and PARTNERS. If you want to check the allocation details, open Strategy Allocation tab:

The above is a very similar grid as the one you saw in Order Entry tab before, but with more details once you expand the account. And here, you can add a new strategy allocation for each of the accounts. To do so, put the mouse on the cell you want to modify (as in the screenshot below). A white arrow will appear which will allow you to open a dropdown menu where you can select Prime brokers, Asset Classes, Strategy…

You will notice you are using different strategies per account by opening Order Entry tab again and checking how Strategies now say MULT. Those 2 MULTs you can see in the picture below mean different startegies on both Prime/Custodian and Strategy fields for each selected account.

Because it is a multi-strategy, you will only be able to edit them from Strategy Allocation tab. Indeed, if you change the strategy from Order Entry tab, the values that you add there will appear in every account within Strategy Allocation tab.

Updated on April 18, 2023

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