• Is my USER FIX connection up and running?

    You will notice your User FIX connection is down when the FIX button is disabled: If, on the other side, your FIX connection is up and running, the indicator will look like this:

  • How to add a Security using Datalicense

    To add a security using Datalicense, you need to open Add-ins tab: On this window, fill BBTicker textbox with the correct PARSEKYABLE_DESC value you want to add. For example, AAPL US Equity. Once filled, click REQUEST button and wait for the task to end. You will receive an email with…

  • Filtering in Maintenance

    All Maintenance entities include the following bar to filter by code. Depending on which entity, the code can be: In this last example, we have an A/B/C structure, where: If, for instance, you wanted to filter by date in the screen above, you would have to write in the Filter…

  • How to add a security | Clients with NO Datalicense

    Maintenance is the FIRST option we suggest for all clients with NO Bloomberg Data license. This will be a manual process that every user should be able to do in order to insert securities in the database. Spark can allow to automatic insertion of securities without Bloomberg Datalicense through ACDS…

  • Guide to create an order in Spark (Extended)

    WORKFLOWS ABOUT CREATE TICKETS IN DIFFERENT WAYS CREATE A NEW TICKET WITH CONTEXT MENU 1. Right click -> Select Transactions -> New Order. 2. Choose Transaction Type (BY/CS/SL/SS). 3.Fill in the data and click Create. CREATE A NEW TICKET WITH SHORTCUT 1. Click Ctrl + N. 2. Choose Transaction Type…

  • How to insert FX Spot Trade

    1. Open OMS tab and click on BY or SL, depending on the transaction you want to make. 2. A ticket will be shown and here: Enter the FXSPOT security (i.e., EUR/USD SPOT)NOTE: Fill in the needed fields such as QTY; TAG; Dates; Ref. FX Rate. Deal Rate = Always…

  • How to insert Cash Transactions or Subscription

    1. In Any transaction report, right-click anywhere on the grid and choose “Transactions”  > Select either “Insert/Remove a long position” where LI = add and LO=Remove. 2. A ticket will be shown and here: Enter the cash security (i.e., EUR)NOTE: Fill in the needed fields such as QTY; TAG; Dates;…

  • Edit Corporate Actions in Spark

    Corporate Action windows allow users to DELETE an already inserted corporate action and re-insert it with new values. Cash Dividend – Look for DIV trades in the Transaction History report, identify them, and edit them if needed in order to edit this corporate action.

  • I cannot see an account in Position/Transaction history report

    Summary: Position history and Transaction history are both historical reports based on dates. Please make sure that the dates are well selected and in the correct order, and/or that there are no filters applied on the report columns. Solution: All the reports that have the symbol above are driven by dates….

  • How to stop Security Prices from updating automatically

    1. Open OMS tab and click on Open Maintenance. By default, Open Maintenance will directly open the entity we need: Security: Setup/Edit Securities. 2. In the list at the bottom left (1), find and select the Security you wish to exclude from updating price automatically to display the security details….