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Overview of data sources, report data and report sets (includes important definitions)

Aura architecture map maintains the same as on last Aura versions.

An Aura Report Set

refers to set of source data, calculated data and the set of visualizations of that data.An individual Report Set will Typically be used to a nalyze one type of data (e.g. Positions, or Transactions).


Market Data

is sourced from the clients current in-house data sources.Sources can var greatly from installation to installation. But generally, Market Data includes Security Terms and Conditions and Current Prices & Volumes

Data Sources

feed data into Aura From external sources. These sources can include the Aura Data Warehouse, Prime Brokers, Administrators, or sources internal to the Investment Manager incluiding Spreadsheets, Files or Databases.Data fed into Aura from a Data Source is referred to as “Static Data” (can be referred on a Schedule, eg every 30 seconds, or can be read only once when Aura is opened.

Report Data

is the set of Static Data, Market Data, Aura Derived Data and User Derives Data that feeds into a given Report Set.Each Report Set in Aura will have its own unique Report Data.

  • Static Data: See Data Sources (above)
  • Market Data: See Market Data (above).
  • Aura Functions: Data calculated in real-time, includes Market Values, Weights, Subtotals, Risk and Performance Values, Alerts and other Derived Values.
  • User functions: Data calculated in real-time using Report Data as input User Defined Functions.

Report Columns

contain Report data that has been Labeled, Formatted, Annnotated and Categorized to meet the users specific requierements and conventions.Report Columns can be use in any reports or views in the report set.


Report´s Contain multiple Grids and Charts that can be shown in a “dashboard” orientation.

  • Each Grid View contains a set of filtered, subtotaled and delected columns.
  • Each Chart View can display selected ddata using over thirty 2-D and 3-D chart types.

All reports update source data, recalculate derived data and Grids and charts in real-time.


Multiple Report Sets can be customized and combine on a single users desktop to create a complete,real-time pictUre of his business